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Timeless Timber Provides a Taste of Paradise for City Living

The back yard of a typical city centre home has been transformed into a jungle-inspired piece of paradise thanks to some inspired landscaping ideas – and BSW’s Timeless Timber.

The owner wanted to change the ubiquitous back yard of her terraced house in London. Working with photographer and garden designer Ruth Crafer, the home owner created a vibrant landscape crammed with lush, exotic foliage interlinked by a series of decked areas and pathways.

The end result is a stunning and surprising contrast to the terraced front of the house, providing a relaxing outdoor sanctuary just a step away from the back door of the house – and the last thing you would expect in a busy urban environment.

Ruth Crafer said: "This project just goes to show what can be achieved in the most pedestrian of outdoor spaces. The owner simply grew bored of the usual city-centre back yard, which is generally more functional than aesthetic so we were able to get quite creative with this project.

“In place of the usual crazy paving, shrubbery and postage-stamp size lawn, we created a mass of palms, ferns and greenery, and used high quality decking to make it both accessible and intriguing, whilst providing a stylish outdoor living space - perfect for relaxing or entertaining.”

The decking was created entirely using Timeless Timber, produced by BSW Timber, the UK’s largest sawmill business. Bryan Crennell, BSW’s marketing manager, said: "Timeless Timber Decking is the perfect complement to this kind of imaginative external landscaping. Its classic design and high quality material provides a natural contrast to the blaze of colour provided by the exotic greenery.

He added: “We preservative treat our Timeless Timber Decking with Timeless Pro-wax to extend the protection of the wood from the external elements This ensures outstanding durability and versatility, and our 20-year guarantee ensures that Timeless Timber can add significant value to your property over the longer term.

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