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Timeless Pods, Pexton Moor

At the start of summer, Wendy and Jim Newham ordered four Timeless Pods camping units for their farm and have already generated nearly £10,000 from new and repeat visitors.

Wendy said: “Jim and I wanted to make better use of land that was formally a small fruit orchard. It didn’t provide any significant amounts of produce so we decided to look into other more lucrative options. We installed four Timeless Pod units at Pexton Moor, and we have a fifth on the way. It was a fantastic decision for us.

“The pods are delivered as single units, so with the land prepared we were ready to go from day one. We currently charge £45 per night, or £40 per night for bookings of two nights or more. The great benefit of the pods is that the camping season doesn’t have to come to an end when the summer weather fades – they provide comfortable, warm and dry accommodation all year round.

“We’re still in the early stages of establishing this side of our business, but the pods have been a remarkable success for the farm, and are already providing a return on investment. Installing Timeless Pod really was the best decision we could have made.”

Neil Horton, from Timeless Pod said: “The Timeless Pod is a fantastic showcase of high quality, home-grown timber and striking design, offering significant potential for land and holiday-park owners to secure high returns from their investments. We’re now seeing a rise in demand in factory orders as farmers, park owners and the like prepare for the coming season.”

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