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River Garden, Wimborne

A previously unusable bank of land has been transformed by BSW Timeless Timber sleepers.

The distress-finished timber, supplied by Jewson, was used to create tiered planting beds along the steep banking at the garden of Mr and Mrs Hannington in Wimborne, Dorset.

The FSC certified sleepers, available in 125 x 250 x 2400 sections, were positioned in tiers cascading down the garden-side, creating a stunning bedding section between the Hannington's home and the banks of the picturesque River Stour.

Phil Lovelock, branch manager, Jewson, said: "This customer was looking for an attractive way to create new planting areas in their steep-sided riverside garden. The rustic appearance of the Timeless Timber sleepers, and the durability, made them the perfect choice for creating a cascade effect in the Hannington's garden. The result is a breathtaking landscaped feature which will stand the test of time."

Eve Johnson, Marketing Manager, BSW Timber, said: "This is a perfect example of how gardens can be transformed using Timeless Timber sleepers. Not only do the sleepers create planting beds, but can also be used to great effect with sandpits, edging and garden ponds. Timeless Timber is pressure treated to ensure longevity, and has an outstanding appearance and quality. Jewson has received a great deal of interest in the product and we're confident of its continued success.

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