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Larch Cladding Transforms Nevis Mountain Range Restaurant

BSW Timber's larch cladding has been used in the construction of a new restaurant at the base of the Nevis Range mountain gondola, near Fort William. The Pinemarten will cater for the diverse demands of the area's growing customer base - including sightseers, skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers.

Located at the foot of Aonach Mor the restaurant replaces a small coffee shop which was more than 20 years old.

Larch cladding from Loch Arkaig was selected to complement the stunning natural surroundings of the restaurant, which commands incredible views of the mountain. In addition, the new restaurant will include laminated wooden beams and a state of the art wood fuel boiler to heat the new building and adjacent offices, helping the Nevis Range to reduce its carbon foot print.

Marian Austin, Nevis Range MD, commented: "This new restaurant is an integral part of our plan to grow and diversify the business. We are delighted to be able to source so much of the project from local businesses. A N Fraser is the main contractor, the boiler is being installed by HWE, and the timber frame is from local larch processed by BSW at Kilmalie sawmill."

Eve Johnson, marketing manager, BSW Timber, said: "The appeal of larch cladding is broad; it's versatile, attractive and the raw materials are grown in the UK. We want people to recognise that quality British larch is an ideal option for a wide array of purposes.

"As a fully sustainable and durable timber, which is FSC certified, larch cladding products come with the assurance that they will be long lasting and maintain their striking look in years to come. The Pinemarten restaurant at Nevis Range is the perfect example of how larch cladding can create a stunning visual effect, while supporting the natural environment and utilises local materials."

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