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Dumfries garden transformed using BSW Timber

A Dumfries garden has been transformed from a stark and empty space to an idyllic outdoor retreat following a substantial redesign using BSW Timber products.

Landscape architect John Kennedy used sustainably sourced Timeless Timber and BSW’s easi range products to create a new outdoor living space at his Dumfries home. The project took 3 months from start to finish.

The family can now enjoy an expansive garden with decked seating and a dedicated playing area for the children. John said:

“Previously our garden was just a plain lawn, inaccessible from the majority of the house with no privacy or security from the busy road at the front of the house. The garden is a really important part of our home and we all use it frequently, so after renovating our sandstone house in the heart of Dumfries, we wanted to connect the garden with our indoor living spaces.

“We built a raised timber deck from the French windows in the living room, which really feels like an extension of our lounge area and was used almost every day throughout the summer. We used timber sleepers as an edge to the decking and to manage the height difference between the decking, which is flush with the floor level of the house, and the lawn which is at a lower level. The remaining sleepers were used to make an edging for the children’s play area, which, of course, is a very popular addition!”

The Kennedy family used a range of products to create their dream garden, including Timeless Timber original decking, Timeless Timber sleepers, easi edge joists and easi fence posts.

John said: “The timber has not only changes the aesthetics of our garden, it has also made it more private and secure. We’ve installed beautiful fencing around the garden to create a safe and private space without making it feel enclosed. The versatility of the easi fence boards allowed us to create a curved section of fencing with closely spaced fence posts, as well as a removable section for access and a section of fencing along the top of a retaining wall. The timber is pre-treated with preservative so we won’t need to worry about its durability and resilience to the challenges of winter weather.”

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