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Manufactured in the UK, the Timeless Timber Glamping Pod range provides a long-term, low-cost, lowmaintenance investment in your business with full payback on your investment within two years (40 weeks with two nights occupancy at an average £50 per night for Criffel and Dalby pod ranges, Laurieston Pods average a rate of £85 per night). Backed by a ten year guarantee you can enjoy peace of mind that you will be enjoying a rental revenue for many years to come.
Glamping pods attract a wide range of visitors including walkers, cyclists, anglers and those who just want to experience the great outdoors. The versatility of Timeless Pods means we can site them on your uneven, unusable land, to add a very profitable new stream to your business.
Beautifully crafted from home-grown timber, the Timeless Pod has outstanding sustainability credentials and blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the great outdoors.
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